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Felicia Conner

I have always loved scary movies and scary stories. It probably started when I was a kindergartner and my parents watched horror movies with me freely and often! Oh and they loved scaring me. I grew up with a fascination with scary stories, serial killers, ghosts, and all things creepy. I still remember going to the London Dungeon when we visited England when I was in the 8th grade! Seriously, there was so much cool shit in England and the Dungeon is my best memory!

Before my life as a writer and podcaster, I was a makeup artist so you can imagine Halloween in my household with three kids is INSANELY fun! I spend about 4-6 hours doing everyone's makeup every year...and love it. When I met my sister from another mister, Tawny Rea, and we talked for two hours about scary movies I WAS IN HEAVEN!! The natural next step for us was, you guessed it, A PODCAST. Two Chicks and Horror Flick was born and we are happy to have you on this adventure with us!

Fav horror movies - Halloween (1978), Halloween (2007), Iy (2017), Sinister, The Strangers, Audition, Hereditary, Black Christmas, and so many more I haven't seen yet!

Tawny Rea

My love for horror started when I came out of the womb. I came straight out and my dad handed me a VHS of "Child's Play" Maybe that's not exactly what happened, but it's pretty close.

I was OBSESSED with Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and used to love reading the stories to my friends. As I got older I loved scary video games and watched almost every horror movie I could find. I have always loved watching things and then reviewing/picking apart/talking about movies after watching them which is what led me to my first career - video production. And now - to this podcast with my friend/separated at birth sister - Felicia.

I love that so many people love the horror genre - it's truly like a little weird fan club that I'm stoked to be a part of!

Fav horror movies - The Blair Witch Project, Hereditary, Silent Hill, The Grudge, IT (2017), Paranormal Activity

Listener Reviews

Tawny and Felicia from Two Chicks and a Horror Flick are so knowledgeable in all of the films they discuss. Their banter back and forth is so entertaining, and I could listen to them for hours! What a fantastic freaking show ladies! Keep up the fantastic work!!


I love listening to these two take a dive into the world of horror films! This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts and it has made me go back and watch some films that I didn't initially like. Keep the episodes coming! Cheers to you both!!!

Agent Cooper

Found you guys while I was listening to every Halloween Kills review I could find...I eventually came across your podcast and was happy to hear your analysis. I thought you ladies did a wonderful job and I am glad I found you! I definitely plan on continuing to listen!